About Netarchive

In 2021 the site netarkivet.dk/netarchive.dk will be closed and information about the Danish web archive, Netarkivet, will move to www.kb.dk/webarchive

The archive will still be available it´s purely the homepage/information regarding the archive that will be integrated into kb.dk


Since 2005 the collection and preservation of the Danish part of the internet is included in the Danish Legal Deposit Law. The task is undertaken by the Royal Danish Library.

Netarchive cannot be accessed by the general public.The archive is only accessible to researchers who have requested and been granted special permission to use the collection for specific research purposes.

This website, Netarkivet.dk, is designed to inform researchers, website owners, and other interested parties about the Danish web archive. For the time being most of the website is in Danish. You can find information about:

If you want to know more about NetarchiveSuite, the open source software developed and used by the institutions behind Netarkivet, please check the NetarchiveSuite website.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email us: kb@kb.dk