Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – the largest event harvest so far


27th March 2014

This year the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Denmark. And the Netarchive is on the lead. As early as December 2013 the Netarchive initiated an event harvest on the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the most comprehensive event harvests to date. All web curators (employees responsible for collecting internet content) work on the project. And for the first time a researcher is closely involved from the very beginning: Music researcher at the Royal Library Henrik Smith Sivertsen advises the curators on the selection of material and reviews the harvest results.

Apart from Danish websites the Netarchive also collects foreign websites on the Eurovision Song Contest, websites of the participants and above all their presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Collecting social media is a big challenge, since  the classical harvest tools  are unable to capture the technologies used by social media platforms. The same goes for streamed videos. The Netarchive has developed a special tool for capturing YouTube videos. The Netarchive also adopts screen recording software.

Typically the web curators  start an event harvest, when a certain event is creating new Danish web sites as well as raising activity on existing websites and social media. The Netarchive carries out about three event harvests a year.

Danish version (informations in English)